Common Mistakes Cheating Husbands Always Make! 10 Clues Your Unfaithful Husband is Having an Affair

When your suspicious that there is infidelity in your marriage, you can be sure your cheating husband is going to leave a ton of clues to his affair. Your beginning to feel anxious and depressed over this and trying to piece the puzzle together can be very difficult in the state you are in. You a starting to accuse yourself for your husbands infidelity and questioning every move you made in the marriage from your jealousy to you smothering him.

Don’t beat your self up and begin to feel the other person has more to offer him than you do. For all you know your imagination has gotten the best of you at this point. You need to identify a few of the warning signs because every cheating husband makes at least one of the mistakes pointed out here. Read a little further and before you speculate get the facts and piece of mind.

  • A cheating husband will sometimes forget to put his wedding ring back on after a day with his lover.
  • Your husband may forget a change of clothes and walk in the house smelling of his new lover.
  • Your cheating spouse often leaves the cell phone by the bed at night and may forget to look at it in the morning to delete the x-rated texts he received last night.
  • He may have told you he was working late at the office, yet his pay stubs tell you a different story.
  • When your husband needs to talk to his new girlfriend, he may go out and buy a new prepaid phone, but, he may leave the receipt at home or in his pants pockets.
  • A cheating husband talks to his new lover late at night when your sleeping, he may forget to log off or delete all the communications with her.
  • If your husband after so many years of routine sex, is trying new lovemaking techniques and fetishes on you out of nowhere.
  • If you find a receipt for his laundry when you thought you did all his clothes.
  • When cleaning his clothes you find new sexy underwear that doesn’t match the same boring ones he has been wearing for years.
  • Increase in private numbers showing up on your home phone, and your cheating husband begins to delete certain calls from the phone are all signs of a cheating husband.