Is Tiger Woods the New Casanova? Or How to Date When You're Married and Rich!

A tiger can never change its stripes

Remember that old saying, “A tiger can never change its stripes?” Guess what, Tiger Woods is aptly named, think what the future will bring.

The good news, Tiger may become the new Casanova! He has all the money, success and looks to create the bad boy image of a modern Casanova. Using modern technology it will be much easier for him to assume the role of the great conqueror, much, much easier than it was for Casanova.

Who was Casanova?

Casanova was a man who, by his own admission, claimed to be “The World’s Greatest Lover.” Born Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt in Venice (1725-1798) he was an adventurer, an author and a womanizer. He traveled throughout Europe in search of patrons and business opportunities. In his memoir, Histoire de ma vie (The Story of My Life), he claims to have seduced 120+ women and girls. Although his claim cannot be independently confirmed it still is a respectable number in a time when you actually had to work for it, no computerized hookups or online bootycall.

Casanova’s “dating” system

Casanova used a four step approach:

  1. Find an attractive woman in trouble with her husband or lover
  2. Help her out of her relationship
  3. Seduce her for a short affair
  4. Become bored and pass her on to someone else

Tiger’s “dating” system

Tiger lives in the modern world with access to today’s numerous dating opportunities. Unlike the general public all he needs to do is say the word and it happens.

  1. Tell someone to get a groupie
  2. Inform her of meeting place
  3. Enjoy the physical
  4. Become bored, keep the girlfriend and travel elsewhere to another girlfriend
  5. Oh, one up on Casanova, stay married while “dating”

How to date for the rest of us

If infidelity or an affair is your thing there are many online communities and dating sites specifically geared to provide hookup opportunities for you. The users of these sites are quite open about their preferences. It is not unusual to see “married but looking” listed in their profiles.

For those who are into less dangerous dating activities, there are many websites which allow you to search through their profiles for free to find the person or persons you’d like to hook up with.

Probably the easiest place to start is your local area Craigslist which has dating sections for free and paid services.

Unlike Casanova, who had to search far and wide, all you have to do is sit in your comfortable chair at home and surf the net. No need to search for that special one, just review the online profiles and photos to your hearts content. You too can accomplish what Casanova and Tiger did, with a fraction of their fame and effort.

Casanova would have had a blast with all these online dating sites! Don’t you think?