Reverse Telephone Lookup – Catch Your Spouse Cheating? A Cheater Can't Fool a Cellphone Look Up

A reverse telephone lookup can be your best friend when your trying to catch your spouse cheating. A cheating spouse can become very keen at fooling you and disguising their activity over time. They can hide all the tell tale signs of an affair but the one thing a cheater can’t fool is a reverse cellphone lookup. If you want the answer to the question of infidelity in your marriage, don’t trust your partner if your gut is telling you there may be something concerning going on.

With all the latest electronic communication devices out there, cheating has become even more widespread because of the ease at which the two parties can communicate. A cheating spouse doesn’t have to wait to make call from their work, when they simply have their cell, the internet or even texting at their fingertips. 41-48% of married women and 45-67% of married men engage in some form of extramarital affairs whether it be an online affair or physical affair. A reverse telephone lookout puts today’s technology on your side, and gets you the answers immediately about your spouse.

Ways a cheating spouse will try to fool you;

  • If your spouse is having a cyber affair, simply deleting all browser history can keep you from the stuff they are doing. A cheating spouse will often open a new account, and go to chat rooms under a new id to meet and set up dates.
  • If your spouse is having an affair they will claim to be spending a lot of time at the office, late hours or even weekend business trips. If your cheating spouse wants to have an affair, they can really make it hard for you to find out because they can have coworkers covering for them, they can actually have their new lover show up at the hotel during the business trip, or they can be seeing them during lunch hours at work. All of these are difficult to catch your spouse cheating.
  • If you can find a suspicious telephone number either on their cell phone, on your homes caller id, or in your partners daily planner or address book, you then can run a reverse telephone lookup to find out who they are cheating with. Your spouse can not fool a reverse lookup.