Super Effective Ways to Spot Lies From Your Spouse Instantly! Must Have Tips For Everyone

Are the alarm bells jangling in your head? Are you driving yourself crazy wondering if your suspicions are true and your spouse is having an affair behind your back?

There are plenty of indicators that can tell you whether your spouse is cheating or not. Looking out for the following signs and typical lies a cheating spouse will tell, will definitely help you to have a clear idea about your spouse’s fidelity.

• The “having to work late” lie. – You have to be smart enough to notice if your spouse has been frequently staying away from home by making the famous “overtime” excuse. These late hours at the office could be that your spouse has a new love. You could do the following:

• Check out his/her pay check as to whether the “overtime” has been paid for.

• Drop in at the office

• Call the boss and ask to speak to your spouse

• A new “restlessness” in your spouse. – If you have suddenly noticed that your spouse who was once perfectly contented and happy to spend time at home with you and the kids, has now developed an air of “restlessness” and finds it very difficult to stay home and be with you – you should definitely be asking “why?” A cheating spouse would make all kinds of excuses to get out of the house in order to spend more time with a lover.

• Possessiveness about his or her cell phone or computer. – A cheating spouse will automatically have things to hide. If you find your spouse reluctant to give you his/her phone or read his/her mail, then it is obvious that something fishy is going on. Try to catch your spouse communicating with somebody either by email or on the phone very early at dawn or very late at night. It is a sure sign of infidelity.

• Don’t be blind and look for the telltale signs. – If your spouse is cheating on you and is hiding an affair then it won’t be long before your spouse gives the game away. The trick is to look for the following:

• Stammering and refusal to meet your eyes when questioned

• Playing with objects or even hair

• A defensive attitude with constant denials

• Inconsistent behaviour

• Body language as well as facial expressions

• Refusal to have sex

• Day-dreaming and lack of concentration

It is important to find out for sure if your spouse is really having an affair or not before confrontation. As soon as you find you can trust your instincts and the “gut feeling” – lay the cards on the table and talk it out with your spouse.

There is no doubt that honesty and a desire to change the circumstances can bring about a healing in the relationship.