Why Men Cheat – Some Answers and Some Solutions

Why do men cheat and does this always mean that you should end your relationship? If your partner is unfaithful, does it mean that you have done something wrong or has he? What should you do if you really love the guy? There are many reasons why men cheat and also many things to take into consideration when planning your next step. Consider the following suggestions.

Naturally, your first reaction is that he is to blame because he is the one who was unfaithful. As true as that may seem, your own state of mind will be helped much more if you make the effort to get to the root of the problem before you decide to hold him completely accountable. Calm your anger and attempt to talk with your guy about what may have led him to infidelity.

Unhappiness in a relationship is the overwhelming reason why men cheat. Ask your partner if he has been upset or disillusioned with you or the way your relationship has been progressing? Have you lost that special feeling for each other; have the two of you fallen into a rut and everything has become a habit? Have you both stopped trying to make your mate your number one priority? Have you fallen into the habit of nagging, complaining, or being constantly negative with your man?

Whether you decide to move on or give your relationship another chance, these questions must be answered. This is the only way to get the closure you will need to put the incident in the past. And, of course you’re wondering if he will cheat again since he has already betrayed you.

Studies have shown that probability for a reoccurrence is much higher. The reason is that once a guy has crossed the line, subconsciously he knows that he is always guilty of infidelity whether he cheats again or not. Frequently this realization makes it an easier decision to be unfaithful again.

Only you can decide in your heart whether he is worth taking a chance on again. If you choose to give things another try, you must totally release the past or it will be impossible to succeed. Finding out why he cheats is your first step, and then listening to your heart and your mind follows.