PC & Cell Phone Spy

Cheating Spouse PC SpyPerhaps you think you may have a cheating mate on your hands, but are have been unable to find any strange phone numbers.  One solid alternative is to use custom spyware and keyloggers to find out exactly what your mate is doing online.   Basically you install the PC spy software while your significant other is away, and it runs in the background without anyone knowing.  When you are ready, you can press a special key combination to view all activities performed online.  It DOES NOT matter if the person you are spying on clears cookies, cache or history.  Our spyware software will still keep a record of it all.

Our PC Spy software records the following:

  • Every keystroke made.  (This makes a record of everything that is typed)
  • Website browsing history
  • Outgoing and incoming emails
  • Instant messaging messages
  • Completely undetectable

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